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Suicune's lair is a forum created for your pokemon trade needs. We happily let you trade with whoever agrees to it.
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 Rules of the forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:33 pm

Welcome to the rules of Suicune's Lair
As of July 15th, 2010, the rules are:

No Spamming, do not randomly post random stuff. It takes away space and may annoy people who are posting messages that have a purpose. This also goes for bumping.

No Scamming in any way. Even if its with your games useing the chat or anything else. Its not fair for the other person and will result in an immediate permanant BAN.

No Cursing, cursing is a serious thing for this forum because of the younger users here. If there parents see any cursing we could lose a few members. It may not be a serious offense and may not result in ban but will result in a warning.

No begging, do not beg for any pokemon you can trade with using the Trade Chat. It will result in a ban from the chat.

No surfing (Surfing is when you join the forum and leave just when you register. It will result in a account DELETE

Absolute No Hacking!!! The 3 exclamation points are because the forum staff have dealed with this before and it is sad that someone would hack another person's account. This Serious rule breaking with result in a Immediate permanant BAN and may also result in a IP Address Ban.

No Cheating. (Other than action replay in your Pkmn Game), This will result in ban.

Impersonating a staff member has the worse possible punishment on the forum other than hacking. This will result in a Ban, IP Adress ban, and almost all of your posts being deleted.

Faking a update - Faking that there was an update and getting everyone excited may not be aloud. It will not be a serious punishment and accidental mistakes of this from you members is understandable and will have no punishment other than you being corrected of the mistake. NOTE: Updates happen often, including Version updates.

Advertising - Advertising is not a serious thing, unless it is a random ad for another site that involves anything being for sale or anything useless that has no reason being there. Links to pokemon online games are aloud.

Absolute No Pornography!! This is no joke, Pornography not only may get the forum in trouble, but will result the offender being banned and IP Address banned.

New rules will be posted often. For now, just have fun!!!! rendeer

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Rules of the forum
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